• To actually blog!
  • Update this theme, since it has been neglected
  • Start my beer blog http://beer.x3graphics.com ( yes I posted once before this one )
  • Maybe meet a special girl, haha (I know pretty sad but I would like to)
  • Gain a few pounds, gym maybe a bit
  • Quit Smoking…. eh maybe, we will see
  • Finish my Foundation WordPress theme
  • Start a paid WP theme based on my Foundation Theme
  • And finally…start learning node.js

Ok so I work at a company that deals with tobacco…and that means I have to have some kind a age verification┬áservice on most sites. I came across age-gate a while ago and I just started to play with the code:

First mod: Fix get current year.


Since I use this plugin so much I plan on updating it as I go. Since I am not the author of this plugin I hope he updates it as I go, if not, I hope you update too. If you need any help with this plugin hit me up

Well it has been a couple years since I updated my website. I have been pretty busy having my regular gig, side work and other personal projects, and having a life, but now it is finally done.

My last website was created in Drupal, which I do like, but I believed that WordPress would better suit my needs. After customizing a basic responsive theme and adding a few plugins, I think it is just about complete. I am sure I will make more updates to adhere to my personality.

My goal this time around is to actually make regular posts, whether it be a blog post or a tutorial. Yes, I know tutorials are empty right now but that is going to change soon.

Anyways I hope you like the new site and future updates.